What is Rehlat’s eWallet?

Rehlat’s eWallet is termed as “Karam”. It is a virtual wallet and is a quick and handy way to manage your booking with Rehlat.

How can I sign up for Karam?

If you have a Rehlat account, you have a Karam account by default. Go to your My Profile to check your Karam cash. The default Karam cash balance is 0. Earn Karam by referring your friends to Rehlat. As soon as they do their first transaction you earn Karam balance.
In case you are not a registered Rehlat user, please register and start using Karam.

How do I earn Cash in my Karam account?

Karam cash can be earned in following ways:

  • You can earn upon redeeming the promotional coupons
  • You can refer your friends and earn Karam cash when they book with Rehlat. They too earn Karam cash when they sign up.
  • You can also earn Karam cash on cancellation. The refund amount can be transferred to your “MY KARAM” account on customers consent.


I have Karam Cash but I am not able to use this for my booking. Why?

Rehlat has 7 domains - www.rehlat.com, www.rehlat.ae, www.rehlat.com.sa, www.rehlat.com.eg, https://om.rehlat.com/, https://www.rehlat.qa/, https://www.rehlat.bh/, You can view and use your Karam cash only in the registered domain.

For eg: If you have log in to your account on Rehlat.com, then the Karam Cash visible there can only be used for a booking on Rehlat.com only.

I am trying to use my Karam cash on Wego. It is not accepting. Can I know why?

Karam cash from your wallet can be used only for transactions done on our website and mobile app. The Karam cash cannot be used for bookings done on our partner sites like Wego, Skyscanner, Dohop, FareCompare etc.

Can I transfer funds from my bank account to Karam?

No, this is not permitted now

There is not enough money in my Karam account for booking a ticket. What do I do? 

You can pay for your booking either fully or partially by Karam. Any amount left after using Karam could be paid using other payment options like Debit and Credit cards via Visa / Master card / Knet / CashU etc.

One of my friend asked me to transfer my Karam cash for his booking. Can I transfer my Karam cash to my friends?

No, this is not permitted now.

I see Karam and Rehlat Money in my profile. What is this? 

Below is the differentiation between your Karam and Rehlat Money:

Karam Cash:

1. The Cash you earned by participating in various promotional activities of Rehlat such as cash back coupons, referral, and earn.

2. The Karam Cash has usage restrictions. Mail to help@rehlat.com to know more.

3. The Karam Cash has a validity period and should be used within the same or else they expire.

Rehlat Money:

1. The Rehlat Money are earned when refund is processed upon cancellation.

2. The Rehlat Money have no restrictions on usage.

3. The Rehlat Money earned upon cancellations have an unlimited validity.

What is the valuation of my Karam Cash in cash value (KWD/AED/SAR/EGP)?

Karam cash is simply equal to the highest used currency on Rehlat.

1 KWD Karam Cash = 1 KWD for Rehlat.com

1 AED Karam Cash = 1 AED for Rehlat.ae

1 SAR Karam Cash = 1 SAR for Rehlat.com.sa

1 EGP Karam Cash = 1 EGP for Rehlat.com.eg

Where can I check my Karam balance?

Below is the step-by-step procedure on checking your Karam account and its balance.

► Log in to Your Rehlat Account

► Go to My Account

► Click on Karam

Here you can see the balance available in your Karam account along with details about Karam and Rehlat Money balance.

The Rehlat KARAM / Rehlat Money e-wallet points T & C is as below for your reference:

Karam Cash can be used for flight and hotel bookings on Rehlat via desktop or mweb.

On App: Karam Cash can be used for flight bookings.

Karam Cash is non-transferable.

Karam cash doesn't bear interest.

Karam Cash has a validity period and gets lapsed at the end of the same.

Rehlat Money has an unlimited validity period.

For bookings made using combination of Karam and other payment methods, in case of cancellation, the refunds would be adjusted in your Karam account first and then in your credit/debit/net banking account from which the transaction was made.
In case of cancellation of bookings made through Karam, the refunds if any after deducting cancellation charges will be processed into the Karam balance. There will be no refund for Karam Cash.
Karam Cash cannot be used for flight bookings on Spicejet, Flydubai, Jazeera Airways, Flynas, SalamAir, & Air India Express.

Note: These terms can be amended, modified or withdrawn by Rehlat at any time without notice.

You can always visit the below URL link for any further queries you have: