Occasionally, airlines make changes to their flight schedules to accommodate changes in equipment, routing, capacity, etc. Some of these changes are minor and may involve a change of aircraft, flight number of a slight change in arrival and/or departure time. Some of the changes are more severe and result in a change to the departure city, arrival date or date of travel.

Rehlat will make all reasonable efforts to notify you if your reservation is impacted by an airline schedule change once Rehlat is notified by the airline. Since schedule changes can occur at any time, we strongly encourage passengers to verify departure times and flight numbers up to 24 hours prior to departure.

If a major schedule change has occurred and the new flights are unacceptable, please call our customer service team. Note that all options are at the discretion of the airline. If you are not happy with the alternatives provided by us or airline then you can ask for the full refund.